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Becoming” an 11×14″ oil painting by Christine L. Owens, SOLD

Well over a year ago I began a new journal with my painting “Becoming” on the cover. I haven’t written much in the journal.


I think it is because “becoming” is such a slow process that it’s been difficult for me to write about it. I am who I am, unique, yet knowing there is more deeply within. And so, the surface doesn’t need changing; it’s the inner workings that need changing, the roots. This kind of “becoming” takes a LONG time to process and change. I firmly believe that the best progress is a slow and careful process, like the skills needed to become a surgeon or a painter. One doesn’t just jump from crayon drawings to a beautiful oil painting. It takes time.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been some surface changes. I am exercising more, eating more nourishing food, avoiding sugar (well, except at Christmas), meditating every day and drinking more water. These are just not exactly what I had in my mind when I started the journal.

My roots are deeply imbedded in the Gaelic culture with ages and ages of mythology and stories, of cultural musts and must nots, angers, resentments, oppression, and aggression. So, I follow one root toward its source and find myself in a rabbit hole. Gasping, I have to turn around and scurry back to the beauty and fresh air of what I have come to know as “my life.”

I am gaining some wisdom in this process, it’s just that I don’t have the words to reveal what I’ve learned. And, so, I paint, not to sell, but to reveal to myself something bubbling up. Perhaps someday there will be another painting that others will understand.

It’s Been a Little Wild

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“I AM” a 12×12″ oil painting with painted edges, $180.00

Yeah, it feels like that.

The past weeks have brought many distractions, Covid-19 restrictions and very strong opinions, plus some unbelievable actions. This particular piece was painted prior to the election, but portrays for me the state of my being these last months. Last fall a dear friend asked me to collaborate with her for a book she is writing. I agreed with gusto. Certainly every artist knows that what is inside us WILL come forth whether we wish it to or not. While our title for this painting is “I AM” and signifies the energies we all wield, there is, in hindsight, a significant amount of energy coming into my “space” from others that I AM attempting to shield from my Self.

While I did some consignment paintings for another dear friend, there hasn’t been much painting in my studio since Thanksgiving, I have continued my creative path with multi-cultural textiles that have been calling me since purchasing them on my travels. An artist will find a way home, a way to balance the energies and continue to express in whatever manner possible. I AM happy to say that the brushes and oils are back on the easel! It is still a bit of a rollercoaster ride as winter and restlessness jostle me from highs and lows. But, no worries. Creativity is a powerful tool for finding balance in a world that gets a little wild sometimes.

The Magic of a Paintbrush

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Top row images are the finished paintings. Bottom row images are the original photographs.

Photographs are essential for most artists. We see something magical and we want to interpret it in our own way. However hard we try, sometimes that camera just cannot capture the color and sense of wonder that we encountered. Perhaps the angle is just not reachable. Sometimes the light or shading doesn’t help. But with a paintbrush we can create an image full of color and fantasy if that is our path.

My friend, Haunnah, and her daughter grew the most beautiful sunflowers this summer and wanted to preserve the memory to hold the sunshine through the long, gray days of a North Idaho winter. As usual, my cell phone camera and Photoshop weren’t able to get the painted colors correct on the top right sunflower. It is always best to see a painting in person, yes? Nevertheless, the brightness and love of bright, pure colors and the possibility of editing a background and contrast are revealed when the originals are compared to the final paintings. Like magic, nature sings her song in full, fantastical flare.

Thank you, Haunnah, for sharing your magical powers for gardening. My magic is in a paintbrush. Shine on!

A Collaborative Adventure

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Stretching our skills can seem a bit like jumping off of a cliff into a deep ocean. My paintings have been based on my travels and photographs. I do sincerely want to push the boundaries of what I can do with my oils. So, when a friend asked me to help her with some paintings for her book, I jumped, but just into a pool, not an ocean. It turned out to be so much fun that I want to do more, of course. Still, I am not averse to painting beautiful florals to brighten my own spirit and that of my friends and family.

The four paintings are all oils on canvas. All but the top left piece were based on a photograph and painted with my love for intense colors. My friend gave me her ideas for her inspirational card images, we discussed some visuals and, once she approved of my visuals, she gave me free reign. I am happy to say that she loves the final results. And I truly loved the experience!

From top left clockwise, they are titled and sold to her for her upcoming book!

“Perspective” 12″x12″
“Integrate/Release” 12″x12″
“I AM” 12″x12″
“Play” 12″x12″

Sold Before the Paint was Dry

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Bryan signed fixed 1

It’s every artist’s dream: To sell a painting the day it’s finished! Yes, it happened. One of the paintings in my art exhibit sold and the buyer wants it now, so I began another painting to fill the empty space…and now THAT one needs to be replaced. Lucky for me that this new buyer wants a person-to-person delivery in a month or two.

And what a painting it is. I undertook this challenge for three reasons:

  1. I am completely fascinated by the photo that my nephew, Bryan, took of himself on the beach in Oregon. I have a previous blog written about it. I simply had to paint it.
  2. I love a challenge! I wanted to prove to my Self that I CAN paint a realistic figure.
  3. My nephew is dying from ALS. There is a bit of urgency to this one. I wanted him to see it.

Bryan’s father bought it immediately upon receiving a photo in an email. The beach is by his home. My heart breaks every time I think of Bryan, living the last of his days bravely and with good humor. I am happy that it is staying in the family.

It’s Happening!

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She Carries the World turtle brightened“She Carries the World” by Christine L. Owens, 18″x24″ $450.00

At last, the date is arriving: the hanging of my one-woman show. I have been painting all year working towards this showing and am delighted to say that I am ready! Labels, prices and notifications are in the works, but what artist doesn’t relish the day of completion?

The Hayden City Hall, at 8930 N. Government Way, Hayden, Idaho, (208) 209-1082, invited me to show my artwork from October 1st, 2018 through December 28th, 2018! So, I gathered myself and created more colorful work to fill their halls. What an adventure! My blank cards and some jewelry will also be displayed for sale.

Some of my friends and buyers with actual addresses in my book will be getting a postcard of “She Carries the World” as a reminder to visit my Hayden City Hall show. If you’d like to be on my mailing list to receive the postcard, you can email me at I will send a postcard for as long as they last.

If you don’t live in the area, but are traveling through, please stop by to see the show during regular business hours. I take all major credit cards. You’ll need to ask at the desk for my phone number as the office there cannot take payment.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Dreams do come true!

It’s Complicated.

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its complicated 9 4 18 lightened again
“It’s Complicated” 
is a 12×12″ oil painting by Christine L. Owens

Artists, have you ever completed a project and found that it perfectly portrayed your current emotional state? Of course you have. Such is not always the result, but at some points in our creative lives the emotional chaos screamed to be released.

As an artist, I tend toward colorful, beautiful and joyful oil paintings. I am currently working towards a one-woman show, so I am painting through some crazy times and finding that the process of painting calms me. Normally, the viewers’ comments are “That is so beautiful!” That may be true of this piece, too, but thorns and psychedelic colors will evoke more questions than simple comments on how pretty it is. “It’s Complicated” does that for me. The colors, the shapes, the contrast make me wonder….

What IS going on in my head? As an observer who doesn’t know me personally, what do YOU think it portrays? Your comments are welcomed. Yes, I’m pretty sure I can handle it.

This Artist’s Dilemma

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Kundalini Fire Rose

Faced with a president that I didn’t vote for and daily feeling emotions that are not healthy for my painting style, I decided to try something soft and pastel to soothe my mind and feelings. My friend, Christine Lovejoy, had posted a photo last summer of her peace rose and gave me permission to paint it. Perfect! A peace rose would help me focus on kinder thoughts and an open heart.

Nope, didn’t work out as I thought it would. Yes, my heart opened and out blasted the colors of a passionate mind, not a peaceful mind. When I had finished the painting I did feel better. The brush does not always do what the mind has planned.

The dilemma: edit the painting to be soft and peaceful as planned, or allow it to be what it is? On FIRE! My sister, Lucretia Donahue-Reed, an artist herself, simply said to let it be what it is. And so it is named “Kundalini Fire Rose” and is one of my favorite pieces. I suppose the real dilemma as an artist is allowing the full expression of my spirit, rather than smothering that spirit to fit what others expect. Growth came with a rose.

Purpose? Found it!

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Bryan on the Beach 11 17

So much talk about “purpose.” So much angst and so much talk about “one’s path.” How do we find “It,” that elusive piece of our soul that rings so true and clear? We search. We wonder. We wander. We think too much.

While simply reading an article about an antidote to our current polarization in a local paper, The Inland Northwest, my entire life became clear. My path is “the spirituality of awe” –“the wonder of being alive; living life with hope, respect, humility, wonder and a deep reverence for the adventure of living.”~Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D.  My childhood wonder, my life choices, my love of nature and travel, my artwork and amateur photography, even where I live and who I admire, all fall into a pattern that reveals the simplest purpose: to witness with awe nature and the small, but meaningful, moments of life.

My life hasn’t changed since this “momentous” discovery, but my eyes see differently now. I see my nephew, Bryan, in a selfie on an Oregon beach and I see the same in myself. It is his reverence for the outdoors and adventure. He has just been diagnosed with ALS and is spending what is left of his mobile life biking and traveling. I’d do the same. I’d stand with my mouth hanging open as I looked at the beauty of this Earth before I had to leave it.

But, I stand at awe in him, also. He is making more of this tragedy. His friends have helped him set up a foundation to build an ADA compliant home that he will donate to the ALS Foundation after his passing. Bryan is an inspiring artist with wood! Take a few minutes to view his artistry at and then visit his benefit page at and donate to help build the home.

Purpose? It doesn’t have to be some big and majestic service to mankind. Sometimes we are simply here to appreciate what we’ve been gifted and to stand in awe at the sparkle on the lake, the spider spinning its web, a crumbled leaf, the newborn child, or to simply enjoy being with one another.

Disclaimer: The advertising that may be posted on my blog are not endorsed by me. I will not be pressured by GoDaddy into paying $10/mth for a blog site that I have used for free for almost ten years. Please scroll on by them. Thank you for reading my occasional posts.

Go Big or Go Home

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A Place to Wander final 4 22A Place to Wander” Oil on Canvas, 4ft by 5ft by Christine L. Owens

“Go Big or Go Home” is a saying that we hear in the art world often. It’s an invitation to stretch, to join the Big Boys.

In 2016 I set myself “A Big Scary Goal: Paint a Four-Foot Painting!” A big scary goal is something that sets your body to shivers when the voices in your head tell you that such a thing is “impossible.” Yes, the thought made my head spin; but, taking risks with my painting is how I grow. In May 2017, I finished this piece! DID IT!
Here’s how it happened! Yes, there’s a process for facing your fears.

First, I wrote down my goal somewhere that I would see it daily. I use Simpleology, a website that you might like to explore, because it gives me the tools that I need to organize this crazy, wild brainstorm that occurs constantly in my head and focuses me on getting things done.

Next, I let the thoughts brew about what would be WORTH painting that big. I knew that my style would need to shift to a less detailed practice, which is another goal.

That summer my favorite art supply store closed (sigh) and all of their supplies went on sale! What did I see waiting for me? You guessed it: a 4ft x 5ft canvas for half price! All of the “Don’t do it!” “Where will you store this?” “Your studio isn’t big enough so just where do you think you will work on this?” brainwork started, but I dismissed them by countering with the excitement that assured me that it would work itself out with time. It barely fit into the back of my RAV4 to get it home, where it stood for months blocking an unused cabinet and where my husband stores his bicycle.

In July 2016 we visited with friends from college. My friend has a home in McCall and reminisced that she’d like a huge painting of the Teton Mountains for a very long wall. Landscapes aren’t what I enjoy doing because “neutrals” are boring to me. I paint flowers because they are colorful and vibrant! That thought rolled around until we went camping near McCall at the Ponderosa Campground. There I found so many wild flowers that I just wanted to roll in them for joy!

In February of 2017 we had a little flood in our basement where the canvas was stored…yes, it was okay because it was still covered in it’s plastic seal. This pushed me toward getting that canvas used. That same month I received a call asking me to display my artwork at the Hayden Lake Chamber of Commerce. When we returned from our vacation, I went to the office to talk and take a look before agreeing. HUGE walls, a painter’s delight, brought my imagination to it’s fullest! Okay, THIS is where my 4×5 needs to hang!

In March it all came together: the wildflowers, the wall, the canvas and my motivation.

How do you get the work done? You show up for work every day, no excuses. The first step on the first day was to somehow set that canvas up in my little studio. Because it was too big for my easel, I set one side on the easel and propped up the other side with a stool and books until it was level. Artists have wonderful problem solving skills. And so I began.

Each day a new problem was solved. Each day I learned something new. Every day I went to my studio to paint (except Sundays…one must fit family outings in somewhere). This was the first time I had painted without drawing first. This was the first time! And it was wonderful! I pushed through that horrid middle time of “What the hell am I doing?’ Slowly, as the Chinese proverb teaches, one little step at time will get where you want to go. Just take that first leap, that first step into the unknown.

The result of taking a big, scary risk, is often spectacular! “A Place to Wander” was voted First Place for the People’s Choice this last weekend at the Coeur d’Alene Art Association’s Showcase Exhibit. I am thrilled and grateful that my work is appreciated! It is now hanging at the Hayden Lake Chamber of Commerce as planned for May and June, along with twelve more of my paintings. Big Scary Goal accomplished!

Hayden Lake Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1210
8254 N. Government Way
Hayden, ID 83835
(208) 762-1185
(209) 699-0790