OMG! Secret Revealed!

Detail from "Paris Souvenir" Silk Painting

Detail from "Paris Souvenir" Silk Painting

Le Café

Why?  Why?  Why?  Sometimes the answer is revealed in tea leaves, meditation, or even a cup of coffee.  A cup of coffee…my secret revealed!  A 12 oz cup of Italian espresso every morning!  Yes, that’ll do it for a slight figure and an already A-type personality.  I have run myself down with the morning pleasure of preparing and savoring such a delightful “vice.”    

We love our coffee, but it does happen to eat up most of the vitamins and nutrition that we put into our bodies:  A, ALL of the Bs, including niacin and Folic acid, iron and potassium…and the stress and aspirins eat up our vitamin C.  No wonder I’ve been sick!

Now don’t come back at me for telling you the truth.  I’m just saying that moderation is the key.  Girlfriends, I’ll be happy to go for a cup of the dark and delicious perk me up.  And I’ll still be making the good stuff for you when you come by…but my morning habit will have to change.  We all know that green tea is better for us…and so much simpler.  It’ll save me time in the morning and tastes better than coffee when it gets cold.  I’m going to repeat these last two sentences to myself over and over as the smell of the roasted beans rolls into my senses each morning at school.  I can do this!

~ by chezchristineo on February 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “OMG! Secret Revealed!”

  1. There’s always chai tea too. Or my new favorite, sans caffeine, Mayan cocoa spice by Yogi.

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