Ou, la, la…Inner French Girl

French Girls Silk Chiffon Scarf $60 on etsy.com

French Girls Silk Chiffon Scarf $60 on etsy.com

Ou, la, la….  Aujourd’hui je suis francaise! 

Pull out the heels and a pretty silk scarf!  I’m going for le cafe at Calypso’s with my friend, Heather, who speaks fluent French; and, we are going to celebrate the Mardi Gras happening in New Orleans!  Occasionally, I must indulge my Inner French Girl; and, yes, have that dark, rich espresso along with a croissant.  In four months I will actually BE THERE….  So, I’d better practice my French, n’est-ce pas?

After coffee, I will have lunch with my best friend, Lori, and then head home for the practical part of being an artist…the bookkeeping.  Of course, I’ll add some new French music, Putamayo’s 2008 Acoustic France (with Thomas Dutronc, Carla Bruni, Romane and more) on the stereo to continue endulging my French side.  I must have been French in another life!

Au revoir!

(If you go to my links and go to my etsy.com shop, you can view a few of my silk scarves.)

~ by chezchristineo on February 24, 2009.

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