Paul Harvey: The Outhouse Story

cowboy clipart drunk

Paul Harvey had an amazing ability to pick up strange stories.  Back in the mid-70s he somehow heard about some friends of mine…in Idaho.

The Buffalo River Gang was a bunch of guys living in a cabin on the Buffalo River in Island Park.  A bunch of fun guys, riding bulls, fishing and partying and hanging out at the bars.  They all wore cowboy hats, but most weren’t really cowboys.  Yes, I even had one.  Those cowboy hats were somehow their most prized possession, and one of my friends went to great lengths to get his back.

The straw, bent cowboy hat had accidentally fallen down the hole of an outhouse…most likely because of a drunken state.  Here you will likely recall the remarkably, disgusting smell of the quaint little buildings.  Being so important, my friend employed another drunken friend to help him.  By holding onto his legs, he was lowered into the hole far enough to retrieve this icon of his being.  How could that be worth putting your head down that kind of hole?  Come on, think about it.  What kind of rediculous things have you done, how brave have you been, when fully loaded?  Well, it did give him some fame after all. 

I just wonder, how did Paul Harvey get ahold of that story when it took place out in the boonies of Island Park?  Must have been a forest ranger calling around and laughing about those crazy kids on the Buffalo River.

Thanks, Paul, for all the stories and all the laughs.

~ by chezchristineo on March 2, 2009.

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