The French are Striking “en masse”

French Protestors.  Photo from BBC

French Protesters. Photo from BBC

Not a good time to be in France right now!  “Demonstrations have been held in about 200 French towns and cities.  French unions have claimed that up to three million people have taken part in street protests amid a national strike against France’s economic policies.”….”Schools have been closed and public transport disrupted, with demonstrations held in about 200 towns. Unions are demanding more is spent to protect workers in the recession…. The national rail operator, SNCF, cancelled 40% of high-speed trains and half of regional services.  A third of flights out of Paris’s Orly airport have been cancelled, while a tenth of France’s electricity output has been shut down with workers on strike.”–BBC  read more

I like to keep up on the French news, especially their strikes.  The French are very passionate about politics and will not stand idly by as rules are imposed upon them that they feel are wrong, unlike most Americans.  My friends tell me that’s one of my traits that makes me seem “French.” 

I happened to be in Paris in ’05 when the primaries put Jacques Chirac against the controversial politician Jean-Marie Le Pen.  We were staying in a hotel facing Place de la Republique the day after those primaries.  And we didn’t get much sleep that night.  The Place was filled with people of all nationalities protesting Le Pen’s very strong beliefs about whether immigrants should be allowed to live in France!  Really, can you imagine such a president in France where so many are from other countries?  It was exciting and the music was great, but eventually one has to sleep….

I’ve added the BBC link to “All My Things French” page.  

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