Show your strength on June 21, 2009.  Remember to go out and Vote “Yes!” for the kids and be a hero!  And remind your friends to vote Yes.  Voting no, or not voting at all, means no librarians, no libraries and no custodians for the students of Coeur d’Alene schools.

Don’t be deceived by the flyers that have been circulated by people who are “anti-public schools.”  SOME of these people have always organized against levies because they think that our taxes are being “wasted” by the school district.   Are you going to punish the students for something that happened with a past administration?  Are you following negative influences?  Are you afraid?  Are you voting from your pocket instead of your heart and head?

This levy will NOT change your taxes.  It is for supplemental costs:  that means custodians, libraries, mowing the lawn, heating the buildings, fixing the pipes…not for any new construction.  Are you also aware that the District is selling off land across from Woodland Middle School?  Oh, yes, they are making many changes in an effort to save the public money.  But some people will never be happy with public schools.  Doesn’t matter which district or which town.  They don’t like the methods, or the books, or the teachers.  Some will organize against it.

Did you see the political cartoon by Kevin Siers of the Charlotte Observer on the Coeur d’Alene Press opinion page this morning?  I couldn’t get you a copy but I can detail it:  A crowd of angry people are holding signs at a protest rally.  The signs say: “Let the banks fail;” “Lay off my kid’s teacher;” “Breadlines not bailouts;” Crash baby crash;” “Where’s MY pink slip;” and “No medicare for Mom.”  A man says to a bypasser:  “Our tea party protest demands an alternative to all this government spending!”  What are they thinking?  Yeah, be a Scrooge and send everyone to a self-made Hell.

Why not support instead of complain?  Be a Hero for kids, not a Scrooge.

~ by chezchristineo on April 19, 2009.

One Response to “BE A HERO, NOT A SCROOGE”

  1. Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
    Have a nice day

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