May 4th, Faeries’ Day…Renewal

photo by National Geographic

photo by National Geographic

May 4th is Faeries’ Day!  For me, it feels like a renewal of faith in the natural magic that inspires my creativity and my desire to see what others don’t.  There’s a sparkling dewdrop on the tip of a blade of grass…a rainbow of colors.  The trees are now exploding with blossoms, as if the energy of the spirit held back through the long winter, cannot remain hidden.  An Impressionist painting fills my imagination as I stand next to my favorite tree on Mullan Avenue and look up into the millions of tiny blossoms blocking the sky.  How many pinks and violets would I have to make to create such a beautiful image?  A photo can’t hold it; my skills can’t recreate it.  I can only press the image into my memory, visit the tree every day until the wind removes all of the petals, and then wait for next year.  Oh, yes, the faeries are here.  My spirit can see what my human eyes cannot.  And this summer, in the land of faeries, will I find the perfect nook in the Dordogna, France, to set up my easel and capture in oils a tiny faery kingdom?  Trust me, I’ll be looking…..

Blossom Fairy

Blossom Fairy

For more beautiful images, poems, songs clips and videos, visit Faery Kat’s blog, here on wordpress.  I love the song posted there:  Fairies Stole My Keys”, Lyrics by Brian Sullivan & Larry Morris, tune by Brian Sullivan

~ by chezchristineo on May 4, 2009.

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