Progression of an Artwork IV

Abbaye Royale painting day 2

Abbaye Royale painting day 2

Okay, okay…it still looks very blue.  For personal reference, I’ve left the original blue in places…I want to see the differences.  As planned, I’ve over-painted a bit of gray over the first columns.  That helps.  Also, switched to a smaller brush.  I worked on the background of the nave today using the grayed blue.  Placing the values in the back is helping me with the complexity of the structure.  I am now able to work the value scale in areas.  I can see that this painting will probably take me longer than expected.  Always seems to work out that way…seems to be my “MO.”

I am excited to get to the warm colors in the foreground columns and add a little in other areas to create more balance.  Feels like I’d be jumping around, but I need to see some other colors layed in.  Oil is wonderful…I can rework an area, or an entire painting, if I want to take a different direction.  Nice, huh?  Yeah, I like choices.

~ by chezchristineo on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Progression of an Artwork IV”

  1. looks good from where i’m standing

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