Progression of an Artwork, VII

And so here it is! What?  That’s not the one! 

A Window on the Loire

Une Fenetre sur la Loire

I’ve had an artist’s block because of a difficult painting choice.  Can’t explain what happened.  Luckily, for me, I’m good at digging myself out of a hole, even if it’s by avoiding that which is pulling me back down.  And, so, here it is!  I have a beautiful new painting!  Albert’s little cave window looking out at the Loire River, has a strong hold on me and worked like a rope pulling me upwards!  The other is sitting on the floor next to my easel, I glance at it occasionally, but it will probably never be finished.  I’m moving on with new plans! 

My first step at getting on with painting came in March…with a painting class, which required me to get my paints organized and get painting at least once a week for five weeks.  It worked. 

My advice for artist’s block:  Sit awhile, digest what’s happening, swallow your pride and make one little decision and follow it through.  That little decision will be based, even unconsciously, on what you need deep inside, and will lead you back to what you love…because an artist must follow the heart and spirit.

[See my June 29, 2009 post for more about Albert.]

~ by chezchristineo on June 26, 2010.

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