Where did all the time go?  Oh, yes…Facebook!  Yes, if truth be told, I am addicted to Facebook and a wonderful group of friends with whom I chat every day!  I tried many games and have settled on a couple of them.  Not accepting ANY more invites!!!  But I promised myself that I will “pull-it-together” and update my sites.  I have a painting sitting on my easel.  It is looking over my shoulder as I type and calling to me.  Perhaps after the Christmas holidays I will get that delightful mineral oil scent going again and push around the oils….


A quick update:  I went to China in March 2011 for ten days!  My French friends from Montlucon came to see ME this summer and we took them to Yellowstone.  I am making jewelry now and still playing around with my yarns, as well as spending lots of time with my Photoshop program.  My family is fine and my granddaughter is now 6 yrs old.  She is going to be an artist, a gymnast or maybe a rock star when she grows up!  And the BIG NEWS:  I will be retiring from my teaching career this summer!  I am very excited and looking forward to more travel and creative time!



~ by chezchristineo on December 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Oopsey!”

  1. Oh this is spectacular! I hope you continue to do the things you love!

  2. Progress! No more FB games, doing at least a painting every month and selling a few. In 2013 I spent two weeks in Italy, a week in NW France, and two weeks in Paris. I am reading more, relaxing more, cooking better food, and spending more time with family and friends. Retirement is grand!

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