Create Yourself

As an artist, one of our finest qualities is our imagination.  Sometimes we soar too high and sometimes we only make a small trouble into something too big to handle.  Still, I’d prefer to be known for my imagination than to be…boring.

For instance, I just read Alyson B. Stanfield’s ArtBiz Blog entitled “How to Act Like the CEO of Your Art Business.”  Now there is a title that my imagination wants to work on.  Add THAT to the “files in my head!”  Alyson has been an amazing help to many artists and continues to grow rather than relax into her success.  Now that I have taken an early retirement from my art education position, I will be concentrating on my childhood dream of standing before an easel painting the beautiful images of the world that I would like others to see.  But it is not just about painting…I am going to have to get serious about the business side of art.

And, as every artist knows, focused creativity is not as easy as it sounds.  Becoming the CEO of my art business sounds good, but it will take some work to reshape this otherwise random personality into a Helen Gurley Brown [RIP].

~ by chezchristineo on August 15, 2012.

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