Is Art a “Lifestyle?”

A reblog, because it is still true, especially after retiring from teaching art. Now more time is available for the creating.

Chez Christine

Bird of Paradise Silk Painting

To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’m happy without some kind of creative project.  The thoughts and ideas are the energy that keep me going, moving forward…sometimes obsessively…through a life that could otherwise become dull and repetitive.

In October I fell victim to the usual illnesses of a teacher.  I pushed on, overtaxed my body and ran my immune system down.  Still pushed on…after all life is for living, right?  More health issues smashed my world until the doctor “ordered” me to slow down.  Fine!  Thanksgiving and Christmas were kept simple and I skipped many activities with friends.  Fine!  Decided not to participate in any of the art shows.  Fine!  Did a lot of reading, spent time with my family.  Fine!

January:  felt great, the creative ideas were overwhelming and jumped back in.  Looked into blogging, traveling, but staying “rested.”

February:  Rats!  Sick again!  The “bad one,” with…

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~ by chezchristineo on January 22, 2015.

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