Took the Leap!

A Window on the Loire

Une Fenetre sur la Loire

OK! I did it! I took the plunge; made the leap. I had a professionally printed card made up for sell!

“What’s so hard about that?” you ask.

OK. So there is a little unwarranted fear involved in handing over the cash. Will it sell enough to warrant the expense? Yes, it’s the expense. We artists are actually quite “thrifty.” Being creative provides a huge arena of inspiration for saving up that cash. “Make it yourself!” And I have been making cards with my paintings for years now.

“What’s changed?”

More courage. More faith in myself. Less time for the making of cards. Wanting more time for the paintings.

So, yes, I did it! This oil painting is from a story that I wrote about on this blog many years ago of people living in caves in France: OMG! Living in Caves!•June 29, 2009  I could never sell this painting because the experience is too precious still. Many have asked, but the piece will remain on the wall in my dining room wherever I live, until the day I die! But now you can buy a 5×7″ card and frame it nicely. See it in my shop, along with my other work here: Une Fenetre sur le Loire, France.

Life is what you make it. Make it beautiful and be BRAVE!


~ by chezchristineo on June 24, 2015.

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