A New Adventure in Will Power


Will power! Motivation only goes so far. This is not your conventional thinking now, is it? Motivational speakers are abundant and they do get us going. But for how long? I’m guilty of languishing in my dream world of “I’m Going To.” I’ll get fired up and then I run out of steam. At the top of my list has been to build a new webpage. It was embarrassing to tell people to go there, so I needed to DO something!

Part of my dream world of “I’m Going To” circles around reading. Cozying up to a good book is my easiest route to figuring myself out, getting ideas, making changes (or in some cases, slipping away from my chaotic mind). So something I have discovered is that my habits need to change. That figured out, I found a short little ebook with a very long title: Habits: No Motivation Required: The Effective Formula To Make Real Change, Ensure Your Success AND Gain Ultimate Freedom Through Willpower by Christopher Kalford. Phew!

Et voila! I have created my new website: Christine Owens, Fine Art! Now, of course, I need to power through the loose ends: new business cards, new links. No problem! I’m on it!!

~ by chezchristineo on July 19, 2016.

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