Purpose? Found it!

Bryan on the Beach 11 17

So much talk about “purpose.” So much angst and so much talk about “one’s path.” How do we find “It,” that elusive piece of our soul that rings so true and clear? We search. We wonder. We wander. We think too much.

While simply reading an article about an antidote to our current polarization in a local paper, The Inland Northwest, my entire life became clear. My path is “the spirituality of awe” –“the wonder of being alive; living life with hope, respect, humility, wonder and a deep reverence for the adventure of living.”~Kirk J. Schneider, Ph.D.  My childhood wonder, my life choices, my love of nature and travel, my artwork and amateur photography, even where I live and who I admire, all fall into a pattern that reveals the simplest purpose: to witness with awe nature and the small, but meaningful, moments of life.

My life hasn’t changed since this “momentous” discovery, but my eyes see differently now. I see my nephew, Bryan, in a selfie on an Oregon beach and I see the same in myself. It is his reverence for the outdoors and adventure. He has just been diagnosed with ALS and is spending what is left of his mobile life biking and traveling. I’d do the same. I’d stand with my mouth hanging open as I looked at the beauty of this Earth before I had to leave it.

But, I stand at awe in him, also. He is making more of this tragedy. His friends have helped him set up a foundation to build an ADA compliant home that he will donate to the ALS Foundation after his passing. Bryan is an inspiring artist with wood! Take a few minutes to view his artistry at browedesign.com and then visit his benefit page at BRoweALSBenefit.org and donate to help build the home.

Purpose? It doesn’t have to be some big and majestic service to mankind. Sometimes we are simply here to appreciate what we’ve been gifted and to stand in awe at the sparkle on the lake, the spider spinning its web, a crumbled leaf, the newborn child, or to simply enjoy being with one another.

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~ by chezchristineo on November 26, 2017.

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