The Magic of a Paintbrush

Top row images are the finished paintings. Bottom row images are the original photographs.

Photographs are essential for most artists. We see something magical and we want to interpret it in our own way. However hard we try, sometimes that camera just cannot capture the color and sense of wonder that we encountered. Perhaps the angle is just not reachable. Sometimes the light or shading doesn’t help. But with a paintbrush we can create an image full of color and fantasy if that is our path.

My friend, Haunnah, and her daughter grew the most beautiful sunflowers this summer and wanted to preserve the memory to hold the sunshine through the long, gray days of a North Idaho winter. As usual, my cell phone camera and Photoshop weren’t able to get the painted colors correct on the top right sunflower. It is always best to see a painting in person, yes? Nevertheless, the brightness and love of bright, pure colors and the possibility of editing a background and contrast are revealed when the originals are compared to the final paintings. Like magic, nature sings her song in full, fantastical flare.

Thank you, Haunnah, for sharing your magical powers for gardening. My magic is in a paintbrush. Shine on!

~ by chezchristineo on December 19, 2020.

2 Responses to “The Magic of a Paintbrush”

  1. What you do with a paint brush is truly magical my friend!

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