Letting the Lightning Be Seen….

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As a woman and artist who was trained to be pleasant in society and now finally coming into my own power, I was completely taken by this post on REBELLESOCIETY.COM! While they are not my words, they are my heart and soul.

The Mirage of She: Hiding a Heart of Thunder
via Shelly Aspenson, April 28, 2015

She made an art of her disguise.

Although her greatest yearning was to be recognized, and accepted by those of like and thunderous hearts, she walked in the world, but not of it. She participated, and contributed, but did not belong. She worked, and laughed, and fulfilled her duties so flawlessly that those in her circle accepted the mirage — the illusion of her that would disappear if one were to reach out to touch her.

But no one tried.

She remained concealed behind the reflection that allowed those around her to see what they were comfortable with, instead of the truth of her. She gave them their comfort in this, as her heart thundered in her chest, and her downcast eyes hid the flashes of lightning that preceded each rumble of the imminent storm of her…

… the one that would not be stilled.

She began to know, as her self-awareness grew, that the storm could not long be contained without causing irreparable damage. She knew the truth of her needed the wind in her hair, her hands in the earth, the fire in her heart, and rain that fell from her eyes, cleansing her soul. She knew, without them, she would disappear.

So she let the storm build.

She knew for certain that there was only one way to tip the world from the false facade of power, into the glory of a world of magic and possibility. It demanded the courage to drop her defenses and let the truth of her call to the truth of the others at the far edges and dark borders of their own lives.

She had to be brave enough to open her eyes and let the lightning be seen, and the overwhelming thunder of her heart be heard as it responded. She had to show them how to create a new world with only the flashes and pounding to lead them through a shallow existence that didn’t welcome change. She needed the winds of change, the nurturing earth, the fire of transformation, and the rain of life’s mysteries to have a prayer of succeeding.

In a roar of thunder, she unleashed herself on an unsuspecting world.

There were many who turned from her, mocking her as she dropped her disguises. Those she loved shook their heads and distanced themselves from the discomfort of her self-searching and truth-telling. Although it grieved her, she let them have their comfort of space, and continued to call to those with elemental hearts, wild spirits, and souls of fire.

All that was not the truth of her fell away.

She began to call to those who would listen, who could hear, who held inside themselves a heart of thunder. She called to those who were not afraid to bleed for the wrongs, and were willing to heal them. She called to those whose hearts were weary of carrying the armor of pretense. She called to those who were at last desperate to see, hear, feel, be… to unapologetically live.

She called to them, her heart thundering against the madness of this existence as it is.

Can you hear her?


Getting the Edge on Painting

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Simple shot here: I want to share this article with you! Getting those great detailed or faded edges on a painting can be the key to progressing from amateur to inspiring. I will be coming back to this post often. Take 5 minutes to read it.

Muddy Colors: 10 Things… About Edges


I’m Here, in This Quiet Power

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An artist is always dreaming, and often acting on that dream. Lately, I’ve been spending more time in the quiet space that reveals the heart, instead of in the mind that is always pushing and struggling. I like it better here. I hear better. I listen better. I think the world needs more listeners. And I am painting because I want to paint, not to generate money.

Last week I heard a poem that was so revealing of my space that it touched my heart; it encompassed years of longing to connect. It’s here for you, too.

The Quiet Power

I walked backwards, against time
and that’s where I caught the moon,
singing at me.
I steeped downwards, into my seat
and that’s where I caught freedom,
waiting for me, like a lilac.
I ended thought, and I ended story.
I stopped designing, and arguing, and
sculpting a happy life.
I didn’t die. I didn’t turn to dust.
Instead I chopped vegetables,
and made a calm lake in me
where the water was clear and sourced and still.
And when the ones I loved came to it,
I had something to give them, and
it offered them a soft road out of pain.
I became beloved.
And I came to know that this was it.
The quiet power.
I could give something mighty, lasting,
that stopped the wheel of chaos,
by tending to the river inside,
keeping the water rich and deep,
keeping a bench for you to visit.

~I don’t know the author. Do you?


    “Sweet Memories” 6×6″ $60.00 on Etsy.com

Is Art a “Lifestyle?”

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A reblog, because it is still true, especially after retiring from teaching art. Now more time is available for the creating.

Chez Christine

Bird of Paradise Silk Painting

To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’m happy without some kind of creative project.  The thoughts and ideas are the energy that keep me going, moving forward…sometimes obsessively…through a life that could otherwise become dull and repetitive.

In October I fell victim to the usual illnesses of a teacher.  I pushed on, overtaxed my body and ran my immune system down.  Still pushed on…after all life is for living, right?  More health issues smashed my world until the doctor “ordered” me to slow down.  Fine!  Thanksgiving and Christmas were kept simple and I skipped many activities with friends.  Fine!  Decided not to participate in any of the art shows.  Fine!  Did a lot of reading, spent time with my family.  Fine!

January:  felt great, the creative ideas were overwhelming and jumped back in.  Looked into blogging, traveling, but staying “rested.”

February:  Rats!  Sick again!  The “bad one,” with…

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An Artist’s Challenge? Bring it!

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“Pansies” an oil painting by Christine Owens, 32×32″ $475.00

Well, this was a surprise! Have you heard? There is an artists’ challenge flooding Facebook called the 3/5 Artists’ Challenge.  My dear friend, Laurie Schafer of Laurie Schafer Designs, nominated me, so bring it on!

What’s the deal? Okay, for five days in a row you must post three pieces of work a day. Each day you must also nominate another artist whom you admire to take the challenge.   This a great way to flood the internet with beautiful artwork, introduce more artists and let the world know that “We are Here!”


I Live to Travel…ANY Reason will Do

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Do you know people like me? We are the people who save our money so that we can get on a plane to see another part of our World.  Yes, I think we are born to travel, to wander, to admire, to be inspired.

In a couple of days I will be climbing on board another airplane, accepting the fact that air travel is not what it used to be, and hoping that nothing goes wrong with the weather or the maintenance of the plane.  It’s worth it.  My flights to Italy in the summer of 2013 went all wrong, but I got there through sheer determination and an unwillingness to be ignored.  The morning sun was rising over Venice as I arrived on a cramped old train, but the streets were empty, a rare site in Venice.  Never mind that I was supposed to be there twelve hours earlier.  It’s all part of the adventure.

This trip is a single flight to spend a week with a dear friend who has moved to Southern California.  We will be sharing expenses to then get to San Diego for an in home sale of beautiful designer clothes and artwork by friends.  I haven’t seen San Diego since my son was small. Time to get another look! I am being called by the beautiful San Diego Art Museum in Balboa Park. Of course, the beach calls, too; but we are more interested in the art this time.

Current paintings for sale at The Frame of Mind in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

I will have a few pieces to share there, while here at home I am showing three large pieces and hoping they sell so that I can add to my travel savings. All proceeds now go for a trip to Paris/ParisDisneyland/Central France/Cote d’Azure in 2016 with my granddaughter.  Oh, yes, she is only 9 years old right now…but she already has the travel bug.

You can purchase my smaller pieces through my Etsy.com site via my website: http://www.christineowens.net  I am having a Garden Sale right now, ending on November 30, 2014. Shipping is FREE! Take a peek and contribute to helping get my granddaughter on her grand adventure to France!

Six Reasons Some “Might” Think I am a “Braggart”

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BreAnna Howe Pink YinYang FINAL8x8“Brianna’s China Roses” $350 (24″x24″)

Sure, I see those eyes rolling when I talk about my art.  I know that “some people” don’t like to listen and “some people” might think I am a “braggart.”  But, I do have my reasons.

#1 My mother died.  Someone needs to do it.

#2 I can’t afford a publicist.

#3 Every art adviser says: “No one’s going to just discover you and make you famous.  YOU have to sell yourself.  You are in charge.”

#4 I enjoy what I do! It makes me happy; so, I “bubble over” with enthusiasm.

#5 Well, quite honestly, I’m good at what I do.

#6. I’m Irish. Nuf said

Create Yourself

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As an artist, one of our finest qualities is our imagination.  Sometimes we soar too high and sometimes we only make a small trouble into something too big to handle.  Still, I’d prefer to be known for my imagination than to be…boring.

For instance, I just read Alyson B. Stanfield’s ArtBiz Blog entitled “How to Act Like the CEO of Your Art Business.”  Now there is a title that my imagination wants to work on.  Add THAT to the “files in my head!”  Alyson has been an amazing help to many artists and continues to grow rather than relax into her success.  Now that I have taken an early retirement from my art education position, I will be concentrating on my childhood dream of standing before an easel painting the beautiful images of the world that I would like others to see.  But it is not just about painting…I am going to have to get serious about the business side of art.

And, as every artist knows, focused creativity is not as easy as it sounds.  Becoming the CEO of my art business sounds good, but it will take some work to reshape this otherwise random personality into a Helen Gurley Brown [RIP].

Creative Type Meets “Exercise”

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Okay, so we all know that those of us who have been called “the creative type” are not very orderly.  I’ll agree that my studio and office are messy.  Tending to turn on a dime and change my mind when something new pops up, I never really tried to be “disciplined” or regulated, except on the job where my paycheck is involved.  I prefer an open schedule, a don’t-tell-me-what-to-do day.  Therefore, exercise hasn’t really worked out well for me.  Its a “discipline.”

“You have to exercise three to four times a week to strengthen your bones,” says my doctor.  Oh, NO!  I do not like to sweat and I can never stick to any kind of exercise program.  So, stay with me here, I’m going to have to figure it out.  I’m a creative thinker.  I can solve this dramatically “life-changing” directive from an expert.

My thought process, like an experiment, begins here.  First, some appropriate clothes:  shopping, of course!  Second, the right frame of mind: meditation.  Third, something fun and easy that will make me sweat and still stay with the program:  Zumba and Yoga.  Yes, I think I can do that.  Sounds fun, right?  Fourth, making the time:  a schedule.  Rats!  Now that is the hard part.  I’ll let you know if this potentially great lifestyle change works out for me.  Honestly, this will not be easy.  Can a new dimension be sculpted into my multi-faceted personality?  Sure!  Never underestimate the creative type.  We wouldn’t be artists if we let negative thinking stop us from manipulating the physical substances of our world.

What I Went Back For!

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I tried. Really I tried. But when I saw it I was like a deer in the headlights. I told myself that I don’t need it; its just the coffee high…and I walked away.  I made it safely back home.  Still, my knees were weak and I had to return to the scene of my desire, Becky’s Pendleton Store, 421 Sherman Avenue, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Just in time, too. As I walked down the street I saw that the rack had been pulled inside and my heart began to beat harder thinking I was too late, that the store had closed.

Imagine my relief as I saw the “Open” sign still hanging on the door. “I won’t be long,” I said as I pulled two sizes off the rack to try on. “Oh, I’m open until 5:30…and let me show you some blouses to go with that.” My blinders were on for any other product, my heart set, while I politely looked at her white shirts. “Well, I see you already have the perfect white shirt. The dressing room is there.” A fashionista is always ready with the perfect accessories.  Size 4, no; Size 3, no; yes, I love it when I can buy a Size 2!  Slipping the credit card from my wallet, I paid for my heart’s desire and happily returned home to match it up with boots, jewelry and the little denim jacket. Perfect!

Sometimes you just have to listen to your heart!