It’s Been a Little Wild

“I AM” a 12×12″ oil painting with painted edges, $180.00

Yeah, it feels like that.

The past weeks have brought many distractions, Covid-19 restrictions and very strong opinions, plus some unbelievable actions. This particular piece was painted prior to the election, but portrays for me the state of my being these last months. Last fall a dear friend asked me to collaborate with her for a book she is writing. I agreed with gusto. Certainly every artist knows that what is inside us WILL come forth whether we wish it to or not. While our title for this painting is “I AM” and signifies the energies we all wield, there is, in hindsight, a significant amount of energy coming into my “space” from others that I AM attempting to shield from my Self.

While I did some consignment paintings for another dear friend, there hasn’t been much painting in my studio since Thanksgiving, I have continued my creative path with multi-cultural textiles that have been calling me since purchasing them on my travels. An artist will find a way home, a way to balance the energies and continue to express in whatever manner possible. I AM happy to say that the brushes and oils are back on the easel! It is still a bit of a rollercoaster ride as winter and restlessness jostle me from highs and lows. But, no worries. Creativity is a powerful tool for finding balance in a world that gets a little wild sometimes.

~ by chezchristineo on January 25, 2021.

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