All My Things French

Eiffel Tower Silk Scarf by Christine OwensEiffel Tower Silk Scarf by Christine Owens

Eiffel Tower Silk Scarf by Christine Owens

Bon. As planned: All My Things French. After all, I am a Francophile. My close friends will be happy that I’ve found an outlet for my enthusiasm for touts les choses francais. I have hundreds of bookmarks for fabulous French sites, including travel, cuisine, magazines, news, music and home items.

Yes, I’ve been to France a few times and absolutely adore everything about it…except dragging my luggage up and down the stairs in the metro…I’m a budget tourist…prefering to spend my money on fabric, clothes, art galleries and museums, books, wine, food, music and specialized items from the areas that I visit. Stay with me and share my energy for the joie de vivre! En France I feel truly alive.

Favorite Web Sites:

BonjourParis is my favorite site for planning for–and dreaming about–France. These writers know what’s going on and want to share. You will find articles about many beautiful places in France, not just Paris! You’ll need to subscribe to a free once a week emailing. Parfait!

France Monthly is another web travel service magazine that features a different area of France, along with a recipe to try on family and friends. Beautiful photos!

Currency Calculator: Oh, I’ve been here quite a few times in the last month. Actually the rates are improving for us here in the US.

English-French Dictionary: A necessary item for all Francophiles. If you have a better one, let me know, s’il vous plait. The BBC News report on the newest French strike! And links to other stories in France.

Paris Update: A weekly insider for Paris news.

IVY Paris News: “IVY Paris serves as a comprehensive hub for visual arts information and resources in Paris, nurturing our creative community….”

Art Workshops in France. Check here if you are looking for something to do in France! This site covers different countries and many different media.


North of the Dordogna Discover all the beautiful sights and prehistoric caves of this area east of Bordeaux.

The Maine et Loire Region of France:
Favorite Chateaux of the Region
The “Fairytale” Chateau de Montreuil de Bellay
Review of the Valley of the Kings. Skip down to the towns and chateaux to visit.
Day limo tour from Paris of castles in the Loire Valley, a mere 177 euros for three amazing castles: Ambroise, Chenonceau, and Chambord, including wine and lunch, bien sur.

More tours from Paris:
Day limo tour to Champagne Country, 144 euros.
A MUST: Monet’s House at Giverny, 82 euros…or you can take the train to Giverney for much less.
A wine tasting of The Grand Seven French wines, $66.24. And more tours.
La Vallee Village Outlet, “75 leading fashion and homeware brands offering their previous season’s collections at reduced prices, anywhere from 33% to 60% off .” Take the Cityrama Bus for 22 euros! Guess where I’m going? Balloon Rides, 230 euros for about three hours, or
Eutelsat Balloon Rides, starting at 10 euros from the Parc André Citroën in the 15th arrondissement.

Balloons over the LoireBalloons over the Loire

Balloons over the Loire

More later…..

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  1. You should visit the Pyrenees, gorgeous mountains in Southwestern France making a natural border with Spain

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