Don’t you hate the word “sacrifice?”

Sunset at Chez Christine

Sunset at Chez Christine

Don’t you hate the word “sacrifice?”  I’d like the word better if I didn’t have images of Jesus on the Cross, or the thought that I’m missing out on something valuable.  Can’t we call it something else?  How about “devotion  to the task” or “divine offering.”  They both sound so much more enduring and meaningful somehow.  Its all in the way you ask me something.  Make it sound artful or soulful….  I can do that.  But ask me to sacrifice something and I’m bound to hold on tight. 

Yes, this perfect day.  I joyfully gave of myself today, small, helpful times, returned with smiles, nothing grand…no throne in Heaven.  Just a happy return home to Chez Christine, with a beautiful sunset view of the lake and my husband waiting.

~ by chezchristineo on February 26, 2009.

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