A Strange Experience

 OMG!  This is the strangest experience, yet: planning a memorial service for my mother.  She was a fun woman and nothing sappy or sad would be acceptable.  We’ve planned an Irish Wake and everything is running along “just fine.”

The strange part?  Well, I am her first daughter.  We made up before she left this world, but it is uncanny how I feel like I’m taking her place.   Am I being possessed by her passing spirit?  Not revealing any secrets here, just musing on some coincidences….  I do believe that the spirit lives on and after the physical body dies the spirit continues to move us in a good direction.  Life goes on.  I am not my mother, but I have some of her good qualities and some of her bad qualities.  I promise to continue working on my relationships as she did…and I hope that when I die that I am as happy as she was.

~ by chezchristineo on March 11, 2009.

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